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Indonesia Infrastructure Research Institute


Indonesia Infrastructure Research Institute is a research institute that concern about spatial planning, transportation, water and sanitation, energy and environmental issues.

According to American Pubic Works Assocication (Stone, 1974 in Kodoatie, R.J., 2005) infrastructure is physical facilities, which built and needed by public agencies for governmental functions to serve spatial, transportation, water and sanitation, energy and environmental issues and other similar services as to facilitate social and economic goals.

Technically, infrastructure is physical asset that planned in a system so it will deliver the essential public services.

Infrastructure system is defined as facility or basic structure, means, installation which built and needed to enable social and economic system (Griigg , 2000 in Kodoatie, R.J., 2005)

Relationship Amongst Social, Economic, Infrastructure and Nature Environment System

The role of infrastructure as a mediator between social and economic system within human life and nature is important.Grigg in Kodoatie, R.J., 2005, nature environment is a supporter in infrastructure system, economic system is supported by infrastructure system, while social system as an objective and goal which supported by economic, as seen in the table below:

A harmonized system among them must be maintained. It means that the supply and demand of infrastructure should bebalance, which also take in to account the environmental capability, for the sake of the nature and human existence.

Nowadays, the infrastructure development in Indonesia is planned and implemented in incremental way and very sporadic. These conditions hamper infrastructure delivery to the citizen. Most of the people have not got proper services and the infrastructure provision spreads unevenly. Due to those reasons, Indonesia Infrastructure Research Institute comes up to assist and involve in creating better, integrated and sustainable solution for future development.

We have professionals and academies with excellent background and expertise in spatial planning, transportation, energy, water and sanitation and also environment. With all of those sources, Indonesia Infrastructure Research Institute eager to contribute in accelerating the more sustainable infrastructure development in Indonesia. Furthermore, Indonesia Infrastructure Research Institute has many valid data, which can support the infrastructure development. This can be accessed in our website.


Become an impetus to create sustainable infrastructure development


  1. Providevalid and relevant information on infrastructure data
  2. Improve stakeholder awareness on sustainable infrastructure development
  3. Become enabler on sustainable infrastructure development
  4. Ignite stakeholder cooperation to provide better infrastructure as to achieve sustainable environment
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